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Hurricane Plans And Protection

If you own a yacht in South Florida, it is important to have a hurricane preparedness and protection plan in place. At Maverick Yacht Management, we understand the importance of protecting your investment, and offer comprehensive hurricane protection plans and utilize our extensive marina network to keep your yacht safe during a storm.

Peace Of Mind Starts With A
Hurricane Protection Plan With Maverick Yacht Management

Maverick Yacht Management offers comprehensive hurricane protection plans for boats in the South Florida area. Whether you need assistance securing your vessel at home or have a local marina in mind for haul out, we will work with you to create a clear plan of action for your vessel.  


Hurricane Marina Partnerships

If you would like to a guarantee a spot a local marina during the event of a hurricane, we work with hundreds of hurricane prepared marinas throughout South Florida to ensure your vessel is hauled out and safe the moment there is a named storm.


Your Prepay For A Guaranteed Spot And Haul-out

Our program ensures that your yacht will have a secure location and professional haul-out services. By prepaying, you can have peace of mind knowing that your yacht will be protected throughout hurricane season.


We Put Plans Into Action Upon A Named Storm

When a name stormed is approaching, our experienced team takes swift action to move your boat to the marina and ensures it is properly secured with your chosen location.


During And After The Storm Care And Checks

Depending on the severity of the storm and the marina relationship, our team will follow up with you after the storm for reporting and a plan to return your boat to your home or slip location.


"Thank you Johann and Alex for taking care of my 45' during the hurricane. Exceptional service, fantastic crew, and one of the best turn key yacht managment companies I have had. Looking forward to expanding my fleet with Maverick!"

-Robbie Vixen

Now Is The Time To Setup Your
Vessel's Hurricane Protection Plan

Planning ahead is key to protecting your boat from hurricane season. Maverick Yacht managment is here to help and would love to discuss creating a plan for your boat.

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