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Yacht Maintenance and Repair

Maverick Yacht Management offers top-quality maintenance and repairs for boats and yachts ranging from 20'-120'. Our team of highly skilled contractors is available for a variety of services, including wash plans, detailing, systems checks, engine servicing, and more.


Yacht Maintenance

With certain services included in our standard yacht management plans, our boat maintenance services include but are not limited to:

Wash Plans

Metal Polishing

Teak Maintenance

Yacht Carpentry

Fuel Delivery

Compound and Wax

AC/Heat Checks

Battery Maintenance

Boat Electronic Checks

Steering Systems

Boat Repairs

Boats operate in a harsh environment and Maverick Yacht Management and our contractor team will ensure your boat is repaired and running with repair services including:

Paint Repair

Fiberglass Repairs

Electrical Systems

Canvas Repairs

Engine Diagnostics

Generator Repair

Steering Systems

Fuel System Repair

Boat Electronic Checks

Nav System Diagnostics

Captain and crew services and yacht maintenance

Custom Services

Beyond boat mainteance and repairs, we offer custom yacht managment solutions.

With our extensive network and personalized approach, Maverick Yacht Management is the best choice to help you find a captain and/or crew for your yacht.

South Florida Boat Fuel Delivery.png

Boat Fuel Delivery

Thinking of extending the trip? Our experienced team provides prompt and efficient fuel delivery services, ensuring that your vessel is always ready to go when you are.

South Florida Yacht Provisions Delivery.png

Yacht Provisions Delivery

From gourmet food and fine wine to equipment and supplies, Maverick Yacht Management ensures that your yacht is stocked with everything you need for your trip.

South Florida Yacht Captain And Crew service.png

Yacht Captain & Crew

Get Started With Maverick Yacht Management

Our team is ready to discuss your yacht maintenance and boat repair questions. Simply call us direct or fill out the contact form below to get started!

+1 (786) 328-8984

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