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Meet The Team

Get to know the talented professionals who make up Maverick Yacht Management's team, dedicated to providing exceptional yacht management services.

Johann Faubel


Johann's journey in the maritime industry began over 14 years ago with his service in the United States Coast Guard. During his 4-year tenure as an Engineer on 100' Cutters and later as an Operations Specialist, Johann honed his skills in leadership and gained invaluable experience in the industry.

Following his time in the Coast Guard, Johann transitioned to the role of Yacht captain, where he spent 8 years piloting vessels up to 130' up and down the east coast, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


This extensive experience not only made him a highly skilled captain, but also gave him a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges that yacht owners face. In 2021, Johann joined forces with Alex to form Maverick Yacht Management, where he continues to use his expertise to provide unparalleled service to clients.

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Alex M. 


Alex M. is a highly experienced professional in the marine industry, bringing years of expertise to his role as a co-founder of Maverick Yacht Management.


In 2021, he teamed up with Johann to establish the company, which has quickly become a leading provider of yacht management services. Alex's dedication to excellence and commitment to providing unparalleled service has made him an integral part of the Maverick team.

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Come Work With Us

Join the Maverick Yacht Management team and become a part of a dynamic and exciting company dedicated to delivering exceptional yacht management services.

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